After 60 Years Of Friendship, Canadian And Australian Pen Pals Finally Meet Up

Some friends enter our lives to stick there for a while, and others might join and come out of our lives in a moment. But, have you ever had pen pals who you’ve never met in your life? Today we’re going to talk about two women that have been pen pals for nearly 60 years, and they had never met each other up until now.

How it all Started for Them

Delores Bailey from British Columbia, Canada was ten years old at the moment when she decided to become pen pals with a 10-year-old from Adelaide, Australia named Lyn Carpenter. They were not aware that they were starting a long-lasting relationship which will improve as time passes by. Not too long after they began texting, they started noticing that they have a lot of things in common, one of which was their love of the Beatles.

Nurturing their Relationship

The two girls kept nurturing their relationship and continued to exchange notes, but it didn’t take them too long to improve their relationship further. They went from just sending letters, to now, exchanging e-mails, texting, and even talking on the phone despite the fact that they were separated hundreds of miles from each other. It’s not like their pen pal relationship was perfect, they stopped talking for a couple of years because of the fact that they had children and they weren’t as free as before. But, after their children grew, they picked up right where they left off. And, the craziest part about their story is the fact that they never met in the 60 years that they were talking to one another.

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Image Source: Ninja Journalist

Finally Together

But, now, this was all about to turn around for them. Delores decided that she wanted to travel to Australia and meet her pen pal. And, she even put this wish on her bucket list of things she would do. They were finally about to meet after six decades of texting, sending letters, talking through the phone and e-mailing. Not too long after she put this wish on her bucket list, Delores boarded a plane and went to see her best pen friend. After sixty years of talking to each other, the two women were finally able to see each other and hug. The two of them dreamt about this moment since the moment they started texting.

What are Their Plans

Once they met Lyn admitted to Delores that she was her longest friend, and they both laughed at the fact that they knew their entire lives, but they never saw each other up until that moment. And, despite the fact that they never saw each other in person, they felt like they were house friends. Lyn took Delores around and showed her the sights of her homeland, and in the meantime, they were creating more plans to spend their time together. They even set a plan to meet again in the near future. They hoped that this was the first of many meetings that they were going to have in the future.

Despite the fact that they were pen pals for more than half a century, it took them almost 60 years of texting, talking, e-mailing, and sending letters to meet each other finally. But now, they have leveled up their relationship, and they can finally enjoy each other’s company!