18+ Baffling Photos Where Shadows Tell a Different Story

With the right timing and location photos can often give a different perspective, if you have a good sense of photography, one can create funny photographs. 

It might take a few seconds but when you finally see it the shadows depicts a different story. 

Scroll down and take a look at these baffling photos below.

Too big for my boot

Love at first sight…

Her laundry looks like a bun in the oven.

Just add milk….

Wolf or Dog?

Hands up!!

Circle around my heart.

Free Advertising!!

A statue that comes alive at night.

Check out his tash!

Wonder if it will leave tan lines?

Is there something following us?

The wall tells a very different story indeed.

Mesh stockings?

Wonder if the architect thought about the shape of the shadow?

Ladder looks a little crooked?

T-Rex makes a comeback.

Strange Reflection!

Mr Shadow Motivator..

Fence shadow that looks like a piano.

Evil Appliance!!

Eye see you….

More than musical…

Is that my shadow???

He means business!

No smoking zone!

Looks like a city skyline.

Do unicorns exist?

Baby dragon alert..

Moooovve over…

Don’t be fooled by your shadow!

Faces in the sand.

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