15-Year-Old Boy Sees Mom Is Being Raped By Neighbor, Gives His Own Life To Save Her

There are some teenagers who will do everything they can in order to help their family members.

Vanya Krapivin is a 15-year-old young man who lives in Russia. When he saw his mother being sexually assaulted, he knew that he had to do something to save her.

He attacked the man who was assaulting his mother, saving her from being raped. While he was defending his mother, he was being hit in the head by the attacker.

He had injuries to his head that he would not overcome, resulting in his death.

The people in the town where Vanya lives have declared that he’s a hero for his actions in saving his mother.

data-reader-unique-id="41">When Vanya got home from school one day, he encountered his neighbor attacking his mother.

He grabbed a six-pound weight and hit the man with it, hoping to get him off of his mother before he could rape her.

The neighbor hit the boy in the head before running away from the home.

Neighbors found the boy and his mother unconscious. They called for help, hoping that they could be rescued in time.

Vanya was in a coma for several days. His mother had 27 stab wounds that she was trying to recover from in the hospital.

Doctors removed a small portion of Vanya’s brain, hoping that it would help. He did wake up and was able to sit in a wheelchair. He was also able to eat small amounts of food.

When nurses helped him, he recognized who they were. Doctors were hopeful that Vanya would pull through.

They didn’t know if he would live a normal life, but at least he was alive.

Soon after the young man started interacting with hospital staff and his mother, he took a turn for the worse. He eventually died from his injuries.

His mother is grateful for her son’s actions because she might not be alive if he hadn’t defended her and attacked her rapist.

He gave his life so that his mother could live.

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