When you achieve 100 years of age everybody needs to know your mystery; a few centenarians state chocolate, others state satisfaction and some even say wine.

Yet, for 103-year-old Julia “Typhoon” Hawkins, her mystery is by all accounts work out, to be specific track dashing.

The Louisiana sprinter has quite recently earned the title of the most established lady to contend on an American track finishing the 50-and 100-meter dashes at the National Senior Games in New Mexico.

Occasion coordinators state Julia is now a world record holder for her age bunch in the 100-meter dash.

She didn't beat her record in this present race yet at the same time completed in 46 seconds. Julia ran the 50-meter dash in a little more than 21 seconds, as per the Daily Mail.

The resigned instructor began cycling aggressively in her 80s, a game she credits with giving her the solid legs she needs to dash. Her youngsters recommended running and she gave herself the objective of contending in the 100-meter dash when she achieved 100 years of age.

Julia wedded Murray Hawkins, who served in the Navy and endure the besieging of Pearl Harbor, after which he asked Julia to wed him. The couple had four youngsters.

Just as ordinary exercise Julia credits her long life to good dieting and not drinking or smoking.

This momentous woman is living evidence that it's never past the point where it is possible to begin something new, and no one can tell where it might lead. I trust Julia keeps on running and win races, she is a genuine motivation.

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