1,000 meals for healthcare workers lets say thanks to Chick-Fil-A

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, many companies are forced to close for some time. Restaurants have closed their dining rooms, other companies were advised to send their workers home and work from there, and schools have been closed for the following month. Many companies now face difficult times as they are losing customers and try to save their business.

Because this is quite a difficult period and people have been advised to stay at home. Many businesses have to adjust to the change. Some have already closed because of the situation, but some keep finding ways to keep going.

Restaurants are one of the businesses that have been struck. Numerous dining rooms and drive-thru places have been close. But some are still adapting and started to mobilize so that customers can get their fast food.

Chick-Fil-A is one example of a fast-food establishment that has gone mobile and is still getting food for people. One of many, Chick-Fil-A location, has posted on social media saying that because of the health risks, they have closed their dining room, so guests and staff members can be safer. They added that their drive-thru will be operating as usual, and if they want to order some food, either go to the drive-thru, place an order on their app and either get it delivered at their home or come pick it up.

They have said that the working hours will remain the same as always, and ordering on the app has never been easier. The new delivery feature just gives another option of getting your food. They said that employees will always follow safety protocols and will get your food to your door with an added smile for free.

One recent post on their social media got huge attention, where the fast-food establishment partnered up with PeaceHealth Southwest, in Vancouver, Washington, where they delivered food for the fantastic staff of the hospital. The medical center also went on social media to thank John Dombroski and the whole team at Chick-Fil-A for bringing then a thousand meals for every staff member at the hospital. They said that in this challenging time, a gesture like this is very much appreciated.

Because this was a surprise, it caught many workers and staff off guard. Some even started crying because of this amazing gesture. Hundreds of people commented on the post the health center posted. And even some of the staff that were given the lovely meal also gave their thoughts in the comments.

One staff member commented that it was a fantastic surprise and that everyone that worked that day needed a thing like that. Others said that it was a splendid gesture and that the meal was excellent, and continued to thank the restaurant. 

At a time like this, where every one of us is advised to stay home and stay safe, the people that are on the front line keeping patients healthy and safe in the hospital must receive our greatest praise. Most of us can even imagine how hard it can be to be a healthcare worker in times like these, and restaurants like this one gave them a surprise that we are sure they needed.

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